Welcome to Girasole, Association for Aid and Development.



The association carries out charity work, helping vulnerable and disadvantaged people, people in need without regard to gender, language, skin color and religion. In its center brings together volunteers who directly participates in the activities of the Association
The association develops volunteering.
Association develops public awareness of social services, advocates on their general development and quality.

The association carries out its activities on the principles of human solidarity,  Christian love and ethics, in accordance with the law and thereby contributes to the harmonious life of citizens.



Transnational partners forum in Warszawa

I would like to thank all participant of table 1. It was nice experience to meet you in Warsaw. Our project fiche and the flyer you can find here:     fp_Girasole_cz.doc (95,5 kB) leták ENG.pdf (211,8 kB)    



Mrštíkova 122/1
693 01 Hustopeče

Domácí hospic, Poradna pro pečující, Dispečink

Hybešova 5 - budova polikliniky
693 01 Hustopeče
+420 775 246 954 dispečink info@girasole.cz
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